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Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth


Gurukul students have been making remarkable mark in all fields and every area. They have won prizes in music competition, their performance in performing yagya rituals, pujan alongwith appropriate mantras is remarkable.

Every year during the Ganesh Lakshmi Yagya and Rudra Mahabhishek on Shivratri senior students of Gurukul perform all the rituals and lead in the pujan very efficiently.  

Students participate in different fields in Zonal, regional and National level competitions organised by the Delhi Sanskrit Academy. Performance of the students is always excellent with winning first three positions of the competition. Their performance is always appreciated by the organisers and the participants too.  

  1. Prince Thakur -1st prize in 2008 (shalok competition) 
  2. Swapnil Tiwari (4th prize)
  3. Rajvansh (1st prize) in2009 (Sanskrit speech competition)
  4. Swapnil Tiwari -1st prize in2009 (Nukkad Natak competition)
  5. Prince Thakur -2nd prize in 2010 (shalok antrakshri)
  6. Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul vidyapeeth -4th position in 2011 (Akshar shalok competition)
  7. Maharishi Vedvyas Vidyapeeth -1st prize in 2011 (drama & play in sanskrit)  Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth -1st prize in 2012 (drama & play competition)
  8. Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth - 1st prize in 2013 ( Abhivyakti youth camp organised by Sri Shakti Manch)
  9. Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth - Anurag Agnihotri & Rajkishor Dwivedi (silver medal) & Anuj Mishr (bronze medal) in 2013 ( National Tang Soo Do championship)
  10. Ambika Dubey & Ankit Mishr -2nd position in 2013 (debate on importance of Sanskrit language in Development of a Nation)
  11. Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul vidyapeeth - 1st position in 2014 (Sanskrit promotion Camp - play category)
  12. In 2015 Gurukul represented the Sanskrit academy and won 1st prize in Nukkad Natak category.
  13. Mahender Manender -1st prize in National music Competition in 2015

Sanskrit Academy , Delhi has been organising various competitions for students. Students from Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul VidyaPeeth have achieved first positions as follows

1. Rajvansh Bhardwaj 2009 Speech Competition
2. Rajvansh Bhardwaj 2010 Speech Competition
3 . Ankit Pandey2011Speech Competition
4. Swapnil Tiwari2012Nature Conservation
5. Amar Singh2012 Judo Karate (National level)
6. Ambika Dubey2013 Speech Competition
7 .Ankit Awasthi2013 Antakshri
8. SudhaKarMani Tripathi 2013 Sanskrit Speech
9. Diwakar Pandey 2013 Shalok Antakshri
10. Santosh Pandey 2013 Ekal Shalok singing
11. Mahender Mishr , Manender Mishr, Santosh Pandey 2013 Group Shalok competition
12. Ashish Sharma , Mahender Mishr , Manender Mishr, Santosh Pandey2014 Group Shalok competition
13. Lounkki Signar2014 Ekal Shalok Competition
14. Aman Tiwari2015 Ekal Shalok Competition
15. Ganesh Panth2015 Speech Competition.

2007 to 2015 , students of Maharishi Vedvyas VidyaPeeth have participated in various competitions organised by Sanskrit Academy, Delhi and have won prominent positions .

  1. 10 -1st prizes 
  2. 6 -2nd prizes 
  3. 2 -3 rd prizes 

Many consolation prizes were also won. 

Regional competitions in Delhi 

  1. 6-1st prizes 
  2. 2 -2nd prizes 
  3. 3 -3rd prizes 

For 4 regular years in Speech Competitions Gurukul won First prizes every time. 
Martial arts competitions:-

  1. Amar Singh
  2. Vikas Konkan
  3.  Shivam Pandey
  4. Ankit Pandey
  5. Anurag Agnihotri
  6. Anuj Mishr
  7. Sonu Sharma

& many other students won Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals at various competition levels.  

  1. Shubham Singh from 10 class won 1st prize in Wrestling and is now getting training at Meerut on govt quota. 

Students also participate in the performing arts like nukkad natak competitions and Shalok 

2008 to 2015 approx 200 students graduated from Sampurnanad University with high ranks.  
Delhi Doordarshan has made short films on Maharishi Vedvyas Gurukul Vidyapeeth and these programmes have been telecast many times on the national TV network. Programs on Yoga, Yogic exercises, yagya, promotion of sanskrit are shot on Gurukul children. Program director appreciated the dedication, efficiency and cooperation of the students..